St Tiernan’s Art Mentoring Programme with the 6th Class students from Queen of Angels 2019


St Tiernan’s Art Mentoring Programme with the 6th Class students from Queen of Angels 2019

The 6th class students from Queen of Angels Primary School were invited to St Tiernan’s Community School to take part in an Art Mentoring Programme. This was a 4 week project where students learned drawing and painting techniques. Each junior student had a mentor from the Ty class to guide them through each stage. This gave the students opportunities to build relationships and strengthen a smooth transition process from primary to secondary school. The junior students became familiar with the secondary school routine and have made connections with their mentors. The students together created a beautiful group mural on the theme of birds. This will now take pride of place in Queen of Angels.

To celebrate their great efforts, hard work and achievement their parents, teachers and coordinators were invited to the unveiling of the group mural in St Tiernan’s Community School last Thursday,7th February.

This programme would not have been possible without the wonderful support and enthusiasm of Ms Rebecca Matthews , the art teacher in St Tiernan’s and the SCP coordinator, Peter Lennon, also from St Tiernan’s. So on behalf of the staff and 6th class students in Queen of Angels we thank you sincerely. The boys and girls really looked forward to their Thursday mornings every week!


Ms Browne and Ms Matthews, the art teacher in St Tiernan’s

Here is the wonderful piece of art which was created by the 6th class students with the support of the TY students from St Tiernan’s. Each student painted a bird onto a piece of wood. The bird represented each of the students “flying the nest” and the familiar surrounds of their primary school as they make their way towards new beginnings in their secondary school.