Sports for All Day 2018


sports day 1Sports Day took place recently in Queen of Angels and how lucky were we! Under blue, blue skies the children participated in so many events throughout the day. Events such as the potato and spoon race; sack race; hurdles; tag rugby; sticks; basketball; the parachute; dodgeball; the dice and water games provided the pupils with so much fun and enjoyment. To cool off they were able to head indoors for some “Just Dance” movements. Wendy and Megan created a great obstacle/gymnastic course with the added bonus of having our inflatable running track outdoors. Garry and Tracy did a wonderful job at organising the football events. As always the presence of the bouncing castles provided the children with the most excitement! Our Parents Association provided the greatest treat of all on the day. As a surprise for all the pupils (and staff!), they very kindly booked an ice-cream van to come to the school. A great way to cool off on such a memorable day!