Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE)


SPHE fosters the personal development, health and well-being of the child and helps him / her to create and maintain supportive relationships and to become an active and responsible citizen in society.

SPHE enables schools to build on existing good practice and to work with the home and the community. SPHE fosters self –worth and self-confidence and places a particular emphasis on developing a sense of personal responsibility for one’s own behaviour and actions.

Vision of SPHE in Queen of Angels

SPHE in our school should foster personal development and growth of each child by encouraging self-esteem. We will endeavour to give the children the skills, values and attitudes to show respect for self and others. We expect that each child would become an active member in the school and wider communities and respect the human, ethnic and cultural diversities of all.

SPHE is a child–centred programme

All child protection and welfare issues in our school will be dealt with in accordance with

  • Children First National Guidelines (2011)
  • Department of Education Child Protection Guidelines and Procedures (2011)

A Healthy Lunch Policy is incorporated into the SPHE Policy.

The complete policy is available, on request, from the school office or parents room.