Maths Policy


Below are our Maths Vision and Maths Mission Statements.


Our vision in Queen of Angels seeks to enable each child to experience mathematics as an intellectual pursuit in its own right and as a source of fascination, challenge and enjoyment. We seek to kindle and to foster the child’s enthusiasm for the subject while ensuring that the mathematical education provided is developmentally appropriate and socially relevant.


Our programme shall be sufficiently flexible to accommodate children of differing levels of ability,while consistently endeavoring to reflect the following needs:

  1. The need for interesting and meaningful mathematical experiences.
  2. The need to apply mathematical skills in other areas of learning.
  3. The need to meaningfully pursue the study of mathematics at post primary level.
  4. The need to become mathematically literate members of society.


The Drumcondra Maths Tests (Revised). This is a standardised test and children from 1st to 6th classes sit the test once per year.

The complete policy is available, on request, from the school office or parents room.