Intercultural Day in Queen of Angels


On May 18th the children, staff and parents of Queen of Angels celebrated Intercultural Day. It was a truly magical day which celebrated the cultures and traditions of 40 nationalities.

In Queen of Angels we take great pride in our multicultural school and we have achieved this by having an open-door policy whereby every child is welcomed regardless of faith or background. We aim to promote inclusion and celebrate diversity.

cultural day childIntercultural Day afforded us the opportunity to explore in greater detail the geography of the countries represented in our school. For the past 5 weeks all the classes had been preparing projects on some of  these exotic lands: Ukraine, Sudan, Nigeria, Brazil, South Africa, Philippines, Moldova, Spain, China, Greece, Thailand, Iraq and Saudi Arabia to name but a few! We now have a greater knowledge on the currencies, capitals, famous landmarks, traditions, dress, cuisine and cultures of these wonderful places. The children took great pride in showcasing their chosen country to their class and school by displaying them in the hall. Some parents got involved in the project work too which was much appreciated. It was also a chance for us to showcase our beautiful country of Ireland too with great pride and enthusiasm.

On the morning of Intercultural Day the entire school community gathered in the junior yard for our parade. Children and parents came dressed in all the colours of the rainbow- some in their traditional costumes, some in their country’s sports jerseys, while others came dressed in the colours of their country’s flag. Safwan in junior infants, from Bangladesh, was our grand marshal and he led the parade followed by our wonderful bodhrán players. Parents and children followed behind their country banner as we did a lap around the school!

Food stalls were set up in the hall and we all got to smell the aromas and indulge our taste buds by sampling the foods from around 25 countries! It was a sight to behold! The children came with “passports” to be stamped when they visited each stall! The infants performed wonderful songs with an international flavour.

Near the end of the school day the children gathered in the hall for a concert.  They got to witness wonderful exponents of the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira in action. The children really enjoyed this as it combined acrobatics, music and dance in a very elegant way. They also loved the fact that they got to participate in it too. Nabilia from Indonesia got to perform a traditional dance from her native country and 3rd class preformed a song from Sri Lanka!

A day like this unites everyone. Friendships were formed and others were strengthened! A day to remember for a long time in Queen of Angels!