Parental Involvement

Queen of Angels Primary School values the part played by parents in their childrens’ education.

We encourage and welcome such involvement. Such partnership is best exemplified in:

  • Our initial meeting for parents of the incoming Junior Infants, at which the importance of speaking with, listening to and with the young child is discussed and encouraged.
  • Annual Parent/Teacher meetings which allow for a discussion of individual children’s progress
  • Informal Parent/Teacher meetings conveyed at the request of the parent or the teacher
  • Written communication via the child’s Homework Journal
  • Other written communications eg. School Newsletter
  • Implementation of partnership schemes eg. Paired Reading, Paired Maths.

We particularly value parental involvement with children’s homework. This includes the parents of children from Third to Sixth class who attend the Homework Club, as reading, oral work and learning will be done at home.

Parents are encouraged to:

  • Talk with their children about activities in school
  • Help with oral language homework eg. Nursery rhymes
  • Read stories for children and discuss
  • Read with children eg. Paired reading
  • Support for parents is provided by our Home/ School Community Coordinator through

  • Home visits
  • School meetings
  • Literacy courses
  • Computer courses
  • Personal development courses