Computers and ICT


Queen of Angels has a state of the art Computer Room with 27 networked PC’s. We also have interactive white-boards, visualizers, projectors, printers, scanners, microscopes and digital cameras. All PC’s have Broadband internet access. In addition, each classroom has at least 1 networked PC, also with Broadband access. In order for anyone to access the Internet, they must sign an Acceptable Use Policy. The childrens’ internet usage is supervised, at all times, by a teacher. All classes ,from Junior Infants to 6th Class, have 2 periods per week in the Computer Room.Some of the available programmes include:

  1. Type To Learn
  2. Office 2000
  3. Computer Classroom
  4. Reading For Literacy
  5. Maths Made Easy
  6. Granny’s Garden
  7. Maths Circus
  8. Crystal Rainforest
  9. Mission Control

We also have age appropriate software for each class. We take great pride in our ICT facilities and are always looking for ways to improve them, to provide the best possible facilities for our pupils. To this end, we will be purchasing a new server soon.

The complete policy is available, on request, from the school office or parents room or parents room.