The Philippines by Ginafe.

philippines8philippines4philippines1My name is GINAFE, I am 10 years old. I celebrate my birthday every 2 nd day of September. I was born in JARO ILO-ILO CITY Philippines. I lived in Cebu City, Philippines.  I was living with my family.

I was studying at KIDDIEHAUS OF LEARNING SCHOOL from 1 st class until 4 th class. I liked my school a lot because numbers in each classroom were small. My friends are CARMENA, EM ILY, PATRICIA, JOYCE , KIRSTEN, IVY , and many more.

My hobbies are playing computer, studying my lessons, watching cartoons and a lot more.

The differences between the two countries are big. The weather in Ireland is very cold but the people here are all very good, kind and friendly. The weather in the Philippines is very hot and the people there are also very hospitable, kind and friendly also.