Life in Egypt by Bavely

Life in Egypt

pyramids-2tLife in Egypt is very easy and sometimes it’s even fun! You probably know this already but Egypt has lots of fun and cool places for when you go on holidays. Egypt is mostly sunny,it hardly ever rains there. The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound. €1 is equal to 7 Egyptian pounds. Egypt is fairly cheap.
If you wanted my advice about where to go in Egypt,I would say you should visit The Pyramids or Alexandria.There are many interesting things to do in both places. If you do visit Egypt, one of the best tourist attractions is “The Nile Cruise”. You sail on a huge ship, from Aswan to Luxor, for 4 nights and 5 days. You stop at a different place each day and you can get information about Ancient Egypt such as tombs,temples and mummies. The Nile Cruise is my favourite thing to do in Egypt. When in Luxor, you should visit The Karnak Temple. It is a really cool place to take photos. Another place you must see in Egypt is The Red Sea. You can dive underwater,see all the sea creatures and take fabulous photos.It’s also the best place in Egypt to get a tan!!In Egypt the people are very friendly and kind.The schools are fun and you always feel like you are at home!

By Bavely