6th Class Christmas Poems


Beautiful snow falling from the sky
Birds going around trying to fly
Rain turning into snow which is frozen
The nice warm fire that is wholesome

Decorating a Christmas tree
Put up decorations peacefully
Going around singing carols
And they are all full singing marols

Jesus Christ was born that day
Now we all preach and pray
And Advent is now a count down to Christmas
By Liam


Christmas is so good I love the
Weather I love the snow it is
So good because it snows every

I go to Offaly to see my
Relatives and when I go down
There they give me cloths and
Runners and I stay there the night.
I like Christmas because Jesus
Was born on that day.
By Christy


Carols being sung
Having a happy day
Relatives going up with each other
In one day
Snow falling gently on the ground
Trees being put up
Merry Christmas
Another year passing
Santa coming with presents
By Leighton


People are fast asleep
Several cars are moving
Without a single peep

The Sun is rising slowly
When people have to do
To eat their breakfast and make their bed
And hens go cock-a-doodle-doo!
By Mark


Christmas every time of year
We sing some carols
Eat a feast fit for a king

Snowy storm brewing
In the sky cold and frosty
While I sleep dreaming of presents

Jesus born every year
In a play we hold near
We love him till we die
By James



Christ is born.
Holy day.
Ready to open your presents.
Is Christmas good or what?
Santa has come.
The best day of the year.
Merry Christmas.
As everyone say’s Christmas is good.
So Christmas will end and come again.
By Alex


Weather is freezing
Tempertaure is falling
Christmas is coming

You get presents
Eat a Christmas dinner
Jesus always present

People decorate trees
Some people believe in Santa
You can even put on beads
Not much people have fanta
By Kasper


Christmas is great, I love the rain
And I love the snow.I love when
Santa says ho ho.
I love the decorations, I love the
Dinner I love everything about
This celebration.
The reason for this celebration
Is everyone is with their relations
By Marc


Christmas is a nice time because
Of its weather it’s snowy you go
Out and play in the snow you can
Throw snowballs and make snowmen


We have customs in every house
It could be putting up your tree
To be having dinner


We have christmas because jesus
Was born on christmas day that
Is why christmas is on december
By Chris


We love Christmas Day
We go out and play
I love to say ho ho ray on Christmas Day

We all decorate the tree
But my brother always flees
We make are own teas
Everyone sees our Christmas tree

We love to go to church
We see birds sitting on their perch
We always have an egg search
By Cliodhna